Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a subscription payment?

There is no monthly subscription payment. In fact, there is no subscription at all. We charge a 6% fee on each card sent to keep our service running.

How long does it take for cards to send?

Cards send instantly and are valid instantly as well.

How does my child use the card once it is sent?

Upon sending the card, your child will receive a text message to their phone with a link to the card. Scanning this card at checkout will allow them to use the funds associated with the card.

How long are cards valid for?

Our cards will be valid for 6-months from the day they are sent.

What happens if my kid doesn’t use all the money on their card?

Unfortunately, Guide College spend cards are non-refundable. When a card expires, the remaining funds on that card cannot be retrieved. Luckily, your child will have 6- months to spend the balance on the card.

Will you be offering cards with other approved items in the future?

We will have more cards coming later this year! Those will include cards specific for toiletries, dorm items, and a handful of other grocery item subcategories. Watch this
space for updates!